Bear and Wolf Safaris focus on the hierarchies of the ecosystem, grizzly bears and gray wolves. Experience these magnificent creatures as they roam the northern range of Yellowstone, also sometimes known as the little Serengeti of North America. Observe the interaction with their prey (elk, bison, deer, moose and pronghorn) as well as amongst each other. Learn how they co-exist and find out who really is the hierarchy of the food chain. Possibly witness the terms “survival of the fittest” and “it’s a cruel world” first hand when the old, young and weak fall prey to these predators or “better luck next time” when the hunted outsmarts the hunter. Our guides have a very unique working relationship and mutual respect with the staff of the Yellowstone Wolf Project and the park's biologists and researchers. This relationship allows our guests the best opportunities in the business to experience these majestic animals (we have a success rate of 100% since 2000 and have viewed wolves an industry first, 2186 days and counting). Early mornings and evenings offer the best viewing, so the day affords plenty of time to explore Yellowstone’s off the beaten path backcountry or some of the more famous features of the park.

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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)