Experience one of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges and national parks. As the Teton, Absaroka, and Gros Ventre mountain ranges make up the wildlife rich Jackson's Hole, the Snake River meanders through it, on it's way to the Pacific Ocean. Learn the natural and cultural history of this unique place, while exploring an area dotted with crystal clear glacial carved lakes, majestic canyons and waterfalls.

From the formation of the breathtaking Teton mountain range, to the adventureous mountain men who named them, guests discover how unique and magical this region really is. Witness awe inspiring views of Grand Teton mountain, as it towers over the crystal clear, Jenny Lake. View the abundant and diverse wildlife that makes this valley their home; moose, elk, pronghorn, bison, gray wolves, coyotes and hundreds of bird species, including, trumpeter swans, white pelicans, bald eagles and ospreys. Observe the habits of these wildlife species, and learn how to spot them in their natural habitat. Spectacular mountain wildflowers keep the valley floor filled with color during spring and summer, while the changing colors of aspen trees do the same for fall.


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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)