Private Snowcoach Safaris

For the guests who wish to have a private snowcoach experience or for those that have a group outing planned, we offer private snowcoach safaris. Our safaris travel to our regular destinations, at your pace, not at others, as no two safaris are ever the same. Our snowcoaches can carry up to 13 guests, though 9 or less is ideal and the most comfortable experience. All private safaris are custom designed to fit what you want to experience in Yellowstone, whether it is a single day charter to Old Faithful or a multi day charter to explore the entire park that is accessible to snowcoaches. Private safaris can depart from Mammoth Hot Springs.

All snowcoach tours are provided by Yellowstone Year-Round Safaris, a Yellowstone National Park authorized concessionaire.

Snowcoach Options
Old Faithful Safari
Grand Canyon Safari
Lake Yellowstone Safari
Private Safari

1-800-SAFARIS P.O. Box 963 Livingston, MT 59047

(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)