Snowcoach Safaris
Our unique warm and comfortable snowcoaches will take you safely into Yellowstone’s heartland, exploring her “Winter Wonderland”. Discover a Yellowstone that takes on a new life after being blanketed by crisp and sparkling snow. Be one of the few park visitors that experience the sereneness of Yellowstone. Our professional naturalist/biologist guides are more than seasonal drivers; they are passionate about our first National Park’s natural and cultural history. They share with you interesting and fun facts, as well as providing personal service that is first class. Witness Yellowstone’s world famous thermals, from Old Faithful Geyser to the bubbling mud of the Fountain Paint Pots, all in a setting of fire and ice. Explore the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, home to two awe-inspiring waterfalls encased in ice and snow.

Watch elk as they wade into the Firehole River, foraging for vegetation in the thermally heated waterway or comical otters frolicking alongside the icy shoreline of the park’s namesake, the Yellowstone River. Observe bison break through chest deep snow and learn how they survive the harsh conditions of winter. Ski or snowshoe into parts of Yellowstone where you might be the only person all winter to explore. With numerous snowcoach destinations and options available, we offer guests unique safaris that will be cherished and remembered as “Greater Yellowstone Winter Experiences”.

All snowcoach tours are provided by Yellowstone Year-Round Safaris, a Yellowstone National Park authorized concessionaire.

Snowcoach Options
Old Faithful Safari
Grand Canyon Safari
Lake Yellowstone Safari
Private Safari

Safari Options
Winter Wolf & Wildlife Safaris
Snowcoach Safaris

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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)