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Spring Safaris

Like the sun rising after a long cold night, spring brings rebirth to this awe-inspiring wilderness. The snow melts, revealing meadows blanketed by wildflowers. Newborn animals are abundant and fellow visitors are few. Guests will enjoy the drama and solitude of viewing life reborn. Grizzly bears are emerging from their long winters nap, while gray wolves are active preparing themselves for the new year's pups. With the low number of visitors during this time of the year, guests experience the parks that much more. Day hikes through wildflower filled valleys and observing spectacular mountain scenery still covered by a blanket of snow, all await guests who experience spring in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


Summer Safaris

As the snow finally melts even from the high, mountainous regions of the area, we can reach some of the most remote and breathtaking alpine lakes and mountain meadows. Wildlife, bedecked in their rich summer coats lingers over lush vegetation. The area explodes with birds that make their summer home in this region. Every hike reveals a sweeping vista. Though the summer months are the busiest, we have the ability to keep one step ahead of the average sightseeing visitor.

Fall Safaris

With the mercury beginning to drop, the region bustles with color and life. The aspen and cottonwood trees are ablaze with oranges and yellows. The large bull elk start to gather up their harems, as their rut with dramatic confrontations and symphonic bugling begins. The gray wolf pups, born in the spring are now traveling with the adults scouring the hillsides for their next meal as well as protecting their territory from neighboring packs. Birds are readying to migrate to warmer climates, squirrels are collecting nuts for their caches, and grizzly bears are eating anything they can find that is in their diet, including the nuts squirrels have cached. At this time of the year, the region turns into a photographers playground, with breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife and lower number of visitors.

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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)