Winter Wolf & Wildlife Safaris focus on one of Yellowstone’s keystone species and its top predator, the magnificent gray wolf, and the park’s abundant and diverse wildlife during a half, single or multi-day safari full of adventure and hospitality that is second to none. Elk and bison by the hundreds, possibly thousands dot the park's landscape.

View and learn about all the large mammal species that were present when Lewis and Clark ventured nearby; elk, bison, moose, pronghorn, deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, gray wolves and a host of other species, all in a setting some call the Serengeti of North America. As winter is the season of the wolf, possibly observe the interaction with their prey as well as amongst each other. Learn from our guides how they co-exist and why they are hierarchies of the food chain. Possibly witness the terms “survival of the fittest” and “it’s a cruel world” first hand when the old, young and weak fall prey to these predators or “better luck next time” when the hunted outsmarts the hunter.

Our guides have a unique working relationship and mutual respect with the park’s researchers and biologists. We are a proud sponsor of the Yellowstone Wolf Project’s collaring program, with a portion of all trips donated to this great scientific cause. This relationship allows our guests the best opportunities in the business to experience these majestic animals that call Yellowstone home (we have a success rate second to none, having viewed wolves on 2186 days and counting).

Guests of all ages receive a “hands on” experience from our professional naturalist/biologist guides, learning the habits of these wildlife species, how to spot them in their natural habitat and identifying them by their sign and tracks. For those guests that wish to focus strictly on the park’s top predator, gray wolves, Winter Wolf Safaris are available.

All snowcoach tours are provided by Yellowstone Year-Round Safaris, a Yellowstone National Park authorized concessionaire.

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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)